TRESOR's Vision

Representing a first-class post-secondary education service and career building entity, TRESOR guards its education quality, service and career development as its life line.

This very institution also promotes a commitment to active participation in a changing world, encourages individual students to fully reach their intellectual, physical and emotional potential. TRESOR respects individual differences, encouraging risk-taking and participation.

TRESOR's Mission Statement

Tresor delivers and establishes pathways to world-class secondary and post-secondary education, provides quality education consulting service, and supports students with education/career services to enable global learners to reach their intellectual, physical, and emotional potential.

To fulfill these goals, we are committed to:

  • Learner success by providing programs and services appropriate to the needs and ambitions of our international students as well as local Canadian students.
  • Unique Programs by launching tailored projects, including a large number of short-term and long-term programs to any organization, at home or abroad, which have competitive edge and evolving needs in today's economy.
  • Internationally recognized programs by launching programs of international caliber and by developing co-operative international activities which foster human resource development for students, staff and international partners. By creating partnership cooperation between TRESOR and those highly reputable organizations in North America and Asia.