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Cooperative Education Models

Over the last two decades, TRESOR has actively endeavored in managing a number of international partnership projects between Canadian, American universities, colleges and their Chinese counterparts.

  • TRESOR has invested tremendous efforts to develop several projects, which involve other educational institutions. TRESOR provided articulation and credit transfer relationships which are communicated from the Chinese universities/colleges to Canadian and American universities/colleges. This encourages students to transfer to Canada and/or USA as part of its recruitment program.
  • TRESOR successfully operates a Strategic Enrollment Management Center of both Undergraduate and Graduate Leadership Program at the diversified City of Toronto from Trinity Western University, BC, Canada. Providing efficient enrollment service and student management that extends west coast Canadian educational opportunities across the nation to all students of all nation and background in Ontario.
  • TRESOR has continued offering fast-track credit-transfer programs with Salem University initiative since 2006 as their Global Education Partner across Southeastern Asia, China (Salem University has admission offices in Beijing & Shanghai) and Canada.
    - Focusing on marketing research in the strategic enrollment at second and third tier cities/provinces in China and Southeastern Asia for program expansion and school popularity.
    - Implemented strategic enrollment plan and achieved excellent result of hundreds of students per year enrollment and increases School and Program awareness globally.
  • TRESOR operates a high school called Toronto Trinity Collegiate in Markham, York Region to help students prepare for advanced studies in Canada and US. TRESOR has a partnership with Chinese high schools to offer these students an opportunity for a secondary and higher education in North America.
  • TRESOR is an educational partner of the University of Detroit Mercy's Financial Economics program since 2005, mainly on recruitment and marketing.
  • From 2004 to 2008, TRESOR assisted a credit-transfer articulation agreement with Centennial College, a major community college in Toronto. This allowed students, upon their diploma completion, to be directly enrolled into the business diploma program at Centennial College.
  • TRESOR offers students service with visa application guidance, and a comprehensive training.

TRESOR Solutions Inc., founded in 2004, standing out as one of the top Toronto based international education management firms, offers a wide variety of informed, integrated, professional programs and services to international institutions and students.



  • Trinity Western University
  • Salem University
  • University of Detroit Mercy

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